Bonsar Architects was founded in 1996 by Mohammad Majidi who was born in Tehran, 1967. He was graduated in Architecture with M.A degree from Shahid Beheshti University in 2002.

He has participated in many critique sessions and conferences about process in design. He was one of the jury members in 13th “Memar architecture national award” back in 2013. Since Bonsar’s establishment, more than 100 different projects have been done in the studio which leads into several national and international awards.

“Furniture Showroom and Warehouse, 2005”, one of the most famous projects of the studio won the first prize of “Memar architecture national award” and has been published in different national books and magazines. Also it has been published in “The PHAIDON Atlas of 21st Century of World Architecture “. “VillaShahr Residential Complex” is another project of the studio which has been shortlisted in “World Architecture Festival, Barcelona 2009”.

In recent years, the approach towards city and its correlation with architecture has been one of the dominant concerns of design process in the studio. Studying the relation between filled and void spaces not only in the context of the architectural form, but also in relation with the buildings threshold with the city, is another leading concerns of the studio in latest projects.